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Journalist Barrett Brown to Investigate the Prison Industrial Complex

[Photo: Nikki Loehr]

Investigative journalist Barrett Brown has been given a new journalistic task—for the next 35-63 months, he will be immersed in the United States prison system and plans to investigate the Prison Industrial Complex.

Brown, 33 has spent the last 2 years in the prison system already after his work investigating what he calls the “cyber industrial complex”, covering hacktivist movements and providing critical commentary on the politics of the internet, information technology, and how the media needs to wake the fuck up and stop pandering to state and business interests. Brown is known for being an outspoken supporter of transparency groups like Wikileaks, as well as whistleblowers and free information advocates Chelsea Manning, Glenn Greenwald, and the late Aaron Swartz. For a time, Brown was also labelled as the “unofficial spokesperson” for the decentralized hacktivist collective Anonymous, a label that he rejects, but a label that seems to be at least partially responsible for his big promotion.

In a statement released on Thursday, Jan.22nd after being given the task by Sam A. Lindsay, Brown expressed his eagerness to investigate and expose any wrongdoing in the American prison system—whether it be prison staff, Bureau of Prisons Officials, as well as general commentary on prison culture and how all of these things connect in what Brown calls the “world’s greatest prison system”:

“Good news! — The U.S. government decided today that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex, they’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex. For the next 35 months, I’ll be provided with free food, clothes, and housing as I seek to expose wrondgoing by Bureau of Prisons officials and staff and otherwise report on news and culture in the world’s greatest prison system. I want to thank the Department of Justice for having put so much time and energy into advocating on my behalf; rather than holding a grudge against me for the two years of work I put into in bringing attention to a DOJ-linked campaign to harass and discredit journalists like Glenn Greenwald, the agency instead labored tirelessly to ensure that I received this very prestigious assignment. — Wish me luck!”

Much congratulations go out to Barrett as we look forward to more of his intelligent, hilarious and informative writing in the future that will surely continue to impress the Department of Justice, who are still holding him against his will after more than 2 years because he’s just that awesome of a journalist and they can’t get enough of him.


Just kidding. Barrett is actually in prison for his journalism and got sentenced today to a maximum of 63 months. it’s all super fucked up. If you’re not already familiar with his case, check out these links:






Canadian Protesters Confront Bill Cosby over 29 Rape Allegations

Photo: Mike Roy

Photo: Mike Roy

Thursday January 8th between 100-150 protestors gathered outside Budweiser Gardens in London Ontario Canada to educate the public about why it’s important to support the 29 victims who are alleging Bill Cosby’s crimes. The gathering was organized by Unifor local 27 and Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Center.


Cosby, who starred as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992, earning a reputation as “America’s Dad,” has never been charged in connection with any of the allegations, and through his representatives he has denied them.

Cosby’s career has unraveled after his 29 accusers came forward, NBC halted work on a Cosby sitcom that was under development and Netflix indefinitely postponed a special that was set to premiere last month.

During the show in London, Ontario, Canada a heckler yelled out “Your a rapist, your a rapist and I’m going to get kicked out.”

Just minutes prior to this a woman who got up from one of the front rows and walked past the stage was asked by Cosby where she was going. When she answered that she was going to the lobby to grab a drink, Cosby responded with “You have to be careful about drinking around me,” a remark that was met with muted laughter. Many of the 29 women who have come forward with allegations against Cosby have claimed he offered them drinks mixed with sedatives.

The list of alleged victoms of sexual abuse has been growing. Actress Beverly Johnson told her story to Vanity Fair saying she visited the home of Cosby to do a script reading, but fund herself in a terrible situation after drinking a cappuccino prepared by Cosby. “I knew by the second sip of the drink he had given me that I’d been drugged – and drugged good.”

Jan 8th 2015 Bill Cosby protest 4

Friday January 9th Cosby will be performing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hamilton protester Anne Bokma says she wants Bill Cosby to see his protesters. She wants him to hear them, too. “We want Cosby to see and hear us,” Bokma said ahead of Friday’s show at the Hamilton Place Theatre. Bokma has said people who had bought tickets but no longer wanted to attend the show, have offered up their tickets to her protest, to give to other women who are willing to go inside and disrupt the show.

Jan 8th 2015 Bill Cosby protest 11

With a TV project halted and at least 10 standup comedy tour performances cancelled or indefinitely postponed. Cosby has so far refused to speak out about the allegations.

Photos: The Indignants

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Calling Out The Police Is Not Just Necessary–It’s Our Right

Police violence is everywhere today, and it is costing people their lives. Anyone who pays even a small amount of attention to the media has heard about the shooting deaths of unarmed human beings all over the place at the hands of the police, including Mike Brown and Eric Garner who were both black men killed by white police officers. The killer cops were not indicted and in Eric Garner’s case, the entire incident was caught on video where he is shown being taken down and suffocated to death by a police officer who ignored Garner’s repeated pleas for help while he went into cardiac arrest; his last words that he struggled to express, “I can’t breathe”. The only person indicted was the young man who filmed everything.

With the police getting away with abuse and murder every single day, both activists and non-activists are waking up to the fact that police do not “serve and protect”, but more often than not act as legal babysitters just waiting for the opportunity to harass, intimidate and exercise their power in whatever way possible. While many police officers enter their careers eager to help their communities, they are quickly corrupted by the institution of policing; the institution that was created specifically for defending the interests of the rich and powerful, and upholding the colonial capitalist state that perpetuates white supremacist violence, sexism and rape culture, queer hatred, transphobia and the severe, increased marginalization of homeless and poor people and those who struggle with addictions and mental illnesses.

People who are not part of these oppressed and marginalized communities (and even some who are) often claim that “not all cops are bad”, and that we should simply not break laws and not get in their way. Those who have never experienced or witnessed police violence for themselves think it is as simple as behaving oneself, and that if you rob a store or hang out in the wrong place at the wrong time you probably deserved what you got from the police. This is wrong for obvious reasons, but the truth is a person doesn’t need to be breaking laws or acting out in any way to experience violence by the police first hand. Last week my roommate and I filmed the violent arrest of a homeless man in downtown London Ontario, and now the local police are threatening to raid our apartment if we do not hand over the footage so that this man’s charges will hold up in court. We did nothing illegal by filming and we are doing nothing illegal by holding onto our privacy. We do not consent to any searches of our home or our electronic equipment, and it is certainly no injustice if the man whose arrest we filmed has his charges dropped due to lack of evidence. The fact that he was targeted by the police at all, including getting punched, twisted around and stepped on while not being allowed to stand up and having to lay on the cold, icy pavement is severely violent in itself. And of course, the police insist, as always, that they were just doing their jobs.

The amount of social privilege and power that the police have is vastly larger than that of most other people. It is both heartbreaking and infuriating that police justify their violent actions towards marginalized folk, such as the man arrested in London, simply because he may have acted out of line in some way. How does arresting and charging this man with a crime help him or the community? It doesn’t. It only marginalizes him further. It only makes his life more difficult and will most likely exacerbate the circumstances that are probably causing him to act up to begin with. This kind of targeting is nothing more than kicking somebody when they are already down. And police officers appear to get some kind of sick pleasure out of it.

In Canada and the U.S. it is perfectly legal to film the police in public as well as your interactions with them if they knock on your door or come into your home with a warrant. There are no laws that say this is illegal and the police cannot force you to show them your phone or anything in it, unlock it, or delete anything unless you are being charged with a crime and your electronics are confiscated with a legal warrant. Even if they are granted the right to take your electronics and search them, you cannot be charged for having footage of your interactions with them or their activities in public. The police will however, most likely try to intimidate you into getting rid of such footage especially if it shows them saying or doing things that make them look bad…not only because it could potentionally (but very unlikely) effect their job status but it undermines their authority to bully whoever they want whenever they want. Police have this idea that they are infallable, which is not surprising considering all wrongdoing on their part is evaluated by their allies in the corrupt legal system, and so they are unlikely to face any consequences for their actions. Just look at Darren Wilson, who shot an unarmed teenager and is now rich enough to retire, and Daniel Pantaleo who was filmed murdering a man for asking to be left alone. There are countless other cases of police officers abusing their power and abusing innocent people in the process. All it takes is a quick Google Search to learn more.

Exposing the police and their bad behaviour is an effective way to challenge the police state. And we cannot address issues of systemic oppression and marginalization without addressing the police state and how it reinforces these systems of power. Filming the police is not only necessary, but it is a legal right that we have, so do not let any of them tell you anything different…and remember that it is also legal for the police to lie to you, and that is exactly what they are doing more often than not. They will harass, lie, psychologically manipulate and basically do anything that they can to get what they want. If we bring these things to light, we take away their ability to scare us into submission.

“We’ll toss your place upside down” ~Officer Micheal Pottruff #109322

On December 4th, 2014, Mike Roy and Bailey Lamon of The Indignants, witnessed the police violently arresting someone downtown. Like any good journalist, they took their phones out and started filming. For this heinous act, agents of the London Police Service, decided that they needed to threaten violence on peaceful activists.

This is not the first incident of the police threatening to “toss your place upside down”. Last month, the same officers visited Mike and Bailey, as well as Kevin Jones, and threatened them with the same thing, as they had filmed during the Million Mask March on November 5th. Because some non permanent marker was used on London City Hall. No search warrants were ever produced, and it appears that the London Police Service is only trying to intimidate peaceful activists filming.  It seems to be a common theme for the London Police.  Threatening and intimidating activists, in a campaign of harassment, for the purpose of shutting down journalism.

The police in London, are going to get a rude awakening. If they continue to act like thugs, then they should be prepared for the consequences. This is but one story. There are many many many others, and all one needs to do, is walk downtown and start talking to people. You will start to notice a pattern, especially with those members of the Community Oriented Response or COR unit.

Anyway, here’s some examples of officer micheal pottruff badge number 109322, committing violence against people.  We take threats seriously at The Indignants.  Expect consequences.  We’re just a little sick and tired of the constant police harassment of peaceful activist’s in this city.


Western University says no to sharing food

WSN and FNB Nov 17th 2014

WSN and FNB Nov 17th 2014

On November 17th students from The Western Solidarity Network (WSN) and Food Not Bombs London served free hot vegetarian food to students and hand out information about student debt, campus food banks and the corporatization of university.

Western University police informed students that they can’t share food on campus! (VIDEO BELOW)

Please Tweet @WesternU and let them know this is not ok.


Michael Roy

A Personal Message to the London, Ontario Police Regarding Their Million Mask March Investigation

Ever since the Million Mask March took place on November.5th, police officers in London, Ontario have been calling activists in the community as well as showing up at their homes, demanding video footage for their “investigation” into acts of graffiti that they claim cost $1000 in damages. This is false, as not only was the writing done in non-permanent marker but one of the activists arrested saw that the building had already been cleaned while on his walk home, which was at about 9:30pm that night. The following is a personal statement to the police, as an activist and grassroots journalist who attended the march and is concerned with the police’s behaviour.

“Dear London Ontario Police,

Stop harassing local activists for their Million Mask March video footage. Stop calling people and showing up at their homes without prior censent. You have no right. Not only is most video footage online already but your “investigation” into the city hall “vandalism” really has nothing to do with vandalism at all. This is nothing more than an extension of your larger “investigation” into local dissenters and those who choose to express themselves politically through protest demonstrations and street art. As of yet, there is no law saying that we can’t do that. So your probing into people and media with the intention of pressing criminal charges is completely pointless. You will not find what you are looking for and you will not accomplish anything meaningful out of this.

Additionally, more to the point, no property was damaged at the march. You claim that the so-called “damage” cost the city about $1000, and yet you had the writing removed before the end of the night (probably because it was done in non-permanent marker). You are purposely lying to the public and you should stop that immediately.

If you do not stop lying and trying to intimidate people into submission, there will be consequences. Your behaviour as so-called “peace officers” is disgraceful and will not be tolerated by this community. Your status as authority figures does not scare us and we will continue to speak truth to your power. So to put it a little more bluntly: fuck off, leave us alone, and go do something useful with your lives for a change.

Seriously, you people pull this shit and then wonder why we have no respect for the police? Many Lulz all around.”


While chalk was given out for a reason, a little bit of washable writing on a building is completely victimless…unlike the system we’re currently fighting, where we are all victims of countless forms of violence every single day at the hands of governments, police, corporations and the mainstream media.

Formal statement from Anonymous London Ontario: http://www.mediacoop.ca/newsrelease/32132

Sustaining Solidarity with Mike Brown, Ferguson, and All Victims of Police Violence

Ferguson, MO Aug 30th 2014 Photo: Awaasis

Ferguson, MO Aug 30th 2014 Photo: Awaasis


Michael Brown was eighteen years old. On August 9th, 2014, days before he was set to be starting college, the unarmed Black teen was shot eight times and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson. Thousands of people across Turtle Island have since taken to the streets demanding justice and reparations. The police and National Guard have responded with teargas, live ammunition, road blocks, and the military occupation of the small, Black majority town of Ferguson, Missouri.

Unfortunately, the murder of Michael Brown is not an anomaly or isolated incident; every 28 hours, a Black person is extrajudicially killed by a police officer, security guard, or vigilante, and over the past 7 years, police officers have killed two Black people a week in the United States. The basis of these ongoing crimes is the racist, capitalist system that perpetuates the continued devaluation of Black lives, racist police practices, state repression, ongoing colonization, and the Prison Industrial Complex.

Ferguson, MO Aug 30th 2014 Photo: Awaasis

Ferguson, MO Aug 30th 2014 Photo: Awaasis

From August 30th to September 1st, The Indignants visited Ferguson, Missouri, to pay our respects to Michael Brown, show our solidarity, and honour all people who have been victims of police violence. We attended the National March on Ferguson August 30th and are excited to soon be releasing a short documentary made during our time there.

We will continue to be in solidarity with a diversity of tactics during the Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation October 2014, as well as the National Rally and March on the White House November 1-2, 2014.

We hope the photos captured further incite uprisings and revolt against all injustice everywhere it exists. In the words of the Black is Back Coalition “the only certain peace for the peoples of the world is peace through Revolution!”

Ferguson, MO Aug 30th 2014 Photo: Awaasis

Ferguson, MO Aug 30th 2014 Photo: Awaasis

Full Photo Album Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1AbM1GI



Why Matt DeHart’s Story Matters: A Tale of Character Assassination, Torture and the Criminalization of Dissent


Anybody who supports or identifies with Anonymous has most likely become familiar with the case of Matt DeHart, a 30 year-old former soldier and hacktivist from the United States who is currently jailed in Lindsay, Ontario. Matt was tortured by the FBI in August.2010 while being interrogated about his connections to Anonymous, a possible Russian spy ring, and a secret FBI document he found on his hidden server that he believes was destined for Wikileaks. Matt and his parents, Paul and Leann DeHart, travelled to Canada seeking asylum from the United States hoping to start a new life. Instead, Matt was immediately jailed, released, and then jailed again over a petty and unintentional breach of bail conditions.

Matts hearing with Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board was on August 20th, and he is supposed to find out his legal fate by early October which could mean being extradited back to the U.S.. Adrian Humphreys, a journalist with Canada’s National Post was able to sit in on the hearing via video in another area of the courthouse, but was not allowed to report any details about the hearing such as names of people involved, criminal accusations or the identity of the judge. But let’s back up for a second: what exactly is going on in this strange and confusing legal case and why is there so much secrecy around it? Why on Earth is this former digital activist charged with soliciting child pornography and accused of being a spy for the Russians? Why should you even care? This is an attempt to make sense of Matt DeHart’s legal case, as well as place it into the larger context of the police state; and the blatant targeting and repression of hackers, whistleblowers, and the technocultural aspect of today’s revolution.

Matt DeHart claims that he played a small role in the 2008 Anonymous campaign against the Church of Scientology, known as “Project Chanology”, in addition to other cyber shenanigans with his hacker friends who hung out on their secret server called “The Shell”. From a young age, Matt had an interest in computer security, surveillance, internet freedom and hacking…so naturally, in the late 2000s/early 2010s, when Anonymous and Wikileaks blew up as political actors, exposing corruption among world powers and outsmarting private security contractors who targeted the hacktivist community, Matt was nothing less than supportive. Before then, he was goofing around on 4chan and running a hacker group called “Kaos Anti-Security Operations Syndicate”, later renamed
“Anonymous Anti-Security” (not to be confused with Operation AntiSec, the “Op” that Jeremy Hammond was part of when he carried out the Stratfor hack). Matts contribution to Project Chanology–under the aliases K, Kaiser, Koenig and KMFDMK among others, was supposedly registering the Youtube account that would publish the famous “Message to Scientology” video, as well as using his expertise in encryption and other privacy tools to protect Anons from being traced while organizing. Other main organizers and public figures of Project Chanology, including Gregg Housh, have said that Matts claims are accurate and that he knows things that only the core group of them would know. In other words, Matt’s history with Anonymous is quite believable.

Here is where things get messy. Before shutting down The Shell in 2010, due to his friend’s alleged visit by the FBI where they asked about it, Matt discovered a file on the server that he claims was a secret FBI document about an investigation into the CIA’s practices. He deleted the file, but later found an encrypted version on another hidden server. Being a supporter of Wikileaks, Matt believes that that could have been the intended destination for the file, and he was well aware that he was treading into dangerous territory, eventually deciding to take down the server and destroy the hard drives; in his own words, “It’s not because you’re paranoid, it’s because you know what the United States government can do and having any affiliation, any peripheral involvement in Wikileaks in any way, shape, or form, makes you a target.” Matt was not wrong about this, and when the police raided his house of all data-carrying electronics except two thumb drives that he managed to hide, he knew exactly what it was about: his past connections to Anonymous, and the document that the FBI didn’t want him (or Julian Assange) to see.

Matt was not arrested when his house was raided, but the FBI’s claim for why they raided his house is particularly horrifying: he was told that they were searching for child pornography. However,
no charges followed for months and when the case was eventually taken to court it was revealed that there was no child pornography on any of his electronic devices, but only on that of his alleged “victim”, whose mothers testimony made no mention of pornography or any inappropriate contact aside from Matt’s “domineering tone” in World of Warcraft, where he led his own guild consisting of fellow Anons. The official accusation by the police is that Matt pretended to be teenage girls interested in the “victim” and coerced him into sending nude photos, but again…nothing was found on Matt’s electronics. Additionally, the Franklin Police Department doctored chat transcripts to make Matt appear predatory, which was shown in court when Matt and his lawyer presented the real chat log sent by a mutual acquaintance of he and the “victim”, a conversation between what appeared to be Matt and a female friend that briefly mentions Anonymous but consists of nothing sexual. But what makes this even weirder is that according to Matt, on the date and time of the chat transcipt (the afternoon of Sunday, May.18th,2008), he was away training at his military base. Is it surprising that Detective Brett Kniss, who was initially leading this investigation, is no longer with the Franklin Police Department and could not be reached by The National Post, who led an eight-month long investigation
into the case? Or are the police embarassed by their unsuccessful attempt to infiltrate Matt’s online social circle?

While accusations of sexual violence should always be taken seriously, when they come from the state rather than people, it is obviously crucial that we dig deeper. A common tactic by law enforcement when trying to trap someone is to destroy their reputation by slapping outrageous, trumped up charges on them so that they will be forever stigmatized. They will be painted to the public as a monster, undeserving of support or a even a fair trial, because very few people want to involve themselves in debates about whether or not accused sex offenders are really guilty of such things…and understandably so, seeing as how we live in a society that perpetuates this violence every single day through rape culture and the neglect of childrens voices. But wouldn’t one think that using false allegations of such violence as a weapon and as a cover for something else, violence that is very real for countless people, is only a further perpetuation of that violence? It is not only bad for innocents who are accused, but it is insulting to survivors. And yet, the FBI has a history of planting child pornography on the computers of both targets and non-targets, sometimes attached to music, images and other innocent files downloaded from FBI-sanctioned servers. The formal name for the tactic is known as “Operation Flicker”, and a real life example of this happening to an innocent is the case of 17 year old Andrew Rose, an autistic youth who accidentally downloaded an attachment through Limewire and was charged, even though he deleted the file immediately and it was clearly an accident. While these two cases are very different, they show that entrapment by the state is something that could happen to anyone. Some call it “character assassination”. It is the perfect tool for discrediting activists of all type, including whisteblowers and hackers who in this day and age, are on the frontlines of directly challenging the state’s credibility when it comes to issues of terrorism, national security, free information, and what we commonly refer to as “human rights” issues but actually meaning the various forms of exploitation that impact us all under colonial capitalist rule.

After being honourably discharged from the military in 2009 due to his depression, his family’s house getting raided and potentially being framed as a sexual predator, Matt was desperate for both employment and an escape. He no longer felt safe in the U.S., and was more than a little angry at how low his government had sunk just to target him as a member of Anonymous, in what would later be revealed through secret documents, 2 years after his arrest, as a National Security and Espionage investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. He drove to the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. to ask for employment; he was a former drone operator in the U.S. military, after all. Like the FBI, the Russian he spoke to there, who went by the name Evgeny, was actually more interested in Matt’s connections to Anonymous and Wikileaks. Matt claims that Evgeny offered to pay him for information, but he refused, because he was there to seek employment and get out of the country he no longer felt safe in, not mindlessly sell information for its own sake. But according to the FBI report on Matt’s later arrest, while he was in custody, he allegedly admitted that the plan all long was to sell U.S. military secrets to Russia. Matt denies the accuracy of these claims and points out that being tortured would have made him say anything. Still, Matt says that looking back, he would not have gone to the embassy in the first place: “Was it distasteful? Yeah. Would I do it again? No. I was
just kind of thumbing my nose at the United States because I was pissed off they did what they did to me.” FBI raids happen often to Americans who are even slightly suspected of having connections to hacker groups such as Anonymous, and many victims of FBI targeting can’t help but lash out in some way as a result of psychological distress…for example, journalist Barrett Brown, who became known as the “unofficial spokesperson” for Anonymous has been in prison for the last 2 years, part of the reason being his online “threat” against an FBI officer after he and his mother were both raided. Matt’s desperate reaction to his own situation was talking to the Russions, in whatever form that took.

Eventually he decided to relocate to Montreal, Quebec to take a French Immersion course, and in the summer of 2010 ended up on Prince Edward Island to study welding. He still had no charges at this point, and was trying to focus a little less on being mad at his government, and a little more on being a student and shaping his future. But before he started college he needed his student visa to be processed across the border, and as soon as he handed over his passport to the border patrol officer (his passport which, logically, should not have been given to him if the U.S. government had any issue, but he got it before moving to Montreal), he was placed in handcuffs and then taken to Immigration and Customs in Bangor, Maine. He was put in a cell, told he was being charged with soliciting child porn in 2008, but later questioned over Anonymous, Wikileaks, encryption programs, The Shell, the Russian Embassy, his former military unit, and not at all about child porn. According to Matt, he told the FBI agent (in regards to the child porn accusation) “I didn’t do that”, who in turn responded with “I know”. But before being questioned, Matt says he was put in a chair and given an IV. He fully believes he was drugged, and eventually blacked out and was taken to the hospital. According to jail and hospital records, the doctor who treated Matt made note of “eye discomfort, possible pesticide exposure, and acute mental status change, psychosis”, as well as “tachycardia and tremors most consistent with possible drug-induced psychosis such as secondary to amphetamines, cocaine and other stimulant medication.” This was 17 hours after his arrest. Matt was definitely drugged. The doctor also said that he would need to be monitored while in custody due to his psychosis at the time as well as his history of mental illness. Jail records confirm that Matt experienced suicidal episodes while in jail and made more than one attempt before being forced into a suicide smock while he underwent more brutal, psychologically violent interrogations that he claims included more drugging and physical abuse. He was allegedly strapped naked to a submission chair with a bag over his head, drugged into unconsciousness and would wake up with bruises and burns. He was also only allowed to eat and drink during interrogations, but only if he took the unknown drugs they gave him. He also claims to have had bleach poured on him, claims he was kept in a dry cell with no sink or toilet, and was severely deprived of sleep because officers would purposely bang on things every 15 minutes to make it impossible for prisoners to sleep. He recalls looking forward to interrogations: “I thought I was going to die that week when I was in there, that these people were going to leave me here. I couldn’t call any of my family members, I couldn’t call a lawyer. I was incommunicado. You look forward to talking to the FBI even though you know they are working against you.” To this day, Matt suffers from PTSD and has made several suicide attempts in jail.

When Matt was eventually taken to his first court appearance, the judge stated that she did not see him as a threat to the community and he was allowed out of custody. Two different judges have raised concerns over Matt’s child porn charge, their words implying that not only does the charge look made up, but the FBI didn’t even do a good job at hiding it; as Judge Margaret Kravchuk said, “Doesn’t it
strike you as odd that a year goes by without anything happening in this case, and there’s no apparent danger to the community, and then the search warrant’s executed on Matt’s home six, seven, eight months ago now and nothing dangerous happens to the community?”. She was commenting on the fact that Matt was not arrested nor his computers analyzed for evidence months after being seized despite a supposed 2008 allegation, in addition to the criminal complaint not having been drafted until the day of his arrest in 2010, and that he should have been in court much sooner than he had been considering his arrest date (that not even the courts or police could get right since it was listed 2 days after it happened). Another, Judge Aleta Trauger, said “I have learned several aspects of this case which, in the court’s mind, indicate the weight of the evidence is not as firm as I thought it was.”

After being released, Matt told his parents about his inhumane treatment at the hands of their own government, something especially devastating for a conservative military family who’s allegiances were always to the U.S. These events dramatically changed their outlook, which is when the DeHarts decided to move to Canada and claim asylum as refugees. After crossing the border and explaining their bizarre situation, the DeHarts handed over their supporting documents as well as Matt’s two thumb drives he saved after the raid to the CBSA officers (allegedly containing Anonymous information, server logs from The Shell and documents from his former military unit). Matt was jailed soon after, apparently due to the “porn charge”, but he was also labelled a Foreign National engaging in an act of espionage. From then on, Matts case was dealt with in secret and he was ordered to remain in jail after every hearing. Eventually he was released and put under house arrest, but then jailed again after the DeHarts had to switch apartments and notified the CBSA through Science Corps (the GPS monitoring company) rather than in person.

The FBI will not comment on the torture allegations, nor will they or the U.S. government comment on the UN Convention Against Torture and how they were repeatedly breaking it long before it happened to Matt. If the Canadian government decides to extradite him, they too would be breaking this international law banning torture and other cruel and degrading treatment by the state. Extradition treaty or not, regardless of criminality, sending someone back to a country that tortured them is not justice. It is complacency in abuse at the hands of a world power…Something that human beings are all too familiar with. Matt does have one thing going for him, however: he is a white male from the United States. If he were a person of colour and/or from a country other than the U.S., his situation and treatment could be much, much worse.

But that doesn’t minimalize his torture, the potentially life-ruining cover up charge, the secrecy around his case, or the blatant targeting of him for his online politicism. In fact this is a serious trend that everyone should be paying close attention to…the violent targeting of hacktivists, whistleblowers, journalists and their allies as part of the larger agenda to criminalize dissent. This is a trend unique to our particular time, in the age of advanced information technology, and as the military/prison/surveillance industrial complex further dominates the legal sphere and perpetuates various forms of state violence in the name of “justice”. Hacktivists with Anonymous and organizations like Wikileaks keep up with these mediums and directly challenge unjust manifestations of the law, meant to enclose on previous realms of openness (such as the internet), as well as crush resistance in any form including the fight for free information. Exposing corruption within the system can (and should) accompany other forms of direct action to bring about real, open, participatory democracies. Whistleblowers and hackers bringing government secrets to the light is a legitimate form of protest and a social movement on its own that can create meaningful social change. The digital dissent or digital direct action movement beautifully compliments the belief that to create a free society, we must also demand accountability from the most powerful.

This is precisely why there is such a crackdown by the state on internet freedom fighters and their associates–Aaron Swartz (deceased), Jeremy Hammond (10 years in prison), Barrett Brown (imprisoned for 2 years, possibly 8 1/2 more), Julian Assange (trapped in an Ecuadorian Embassy for 2 years while the UK ignores asylum, also facing extradition under false cover-up charges), Sarah Harrison (exiled in Berlin), Edward Snowden (exiled in Russia), Chelsea Manning (35 years in prison)–and even Matt DeHart with his small but significant contributions to Project Chanology. Not only are these people and their various initiatives connected, but they connect to the larger fight for collective liberation. On another note, it is no secret that the United States opened a grand jury investigation into Wikileaks in 2010, the same year Matt was tortured, that remains open to this day. While we should not jump to conclusions without evidence that the cases of Matt DeHart and Julian Assange are any more connected than the possible destination of Matt’s secret document, one cannot help but be intrigued by such questions. Is Matt’s criminalization meant to serve a larger purpose?

Free Matt DeHart. Let his family make “Canada” their permanent home so that he doesn’t have to go back to his torturers. All refugees should be welcome to settle here. Who are we to define these borders rather than share the planet equally? More to the point, no human being should ever have to experience torture, let alone be forced to return to where it happened. Matt is going to live with this for the rest of his life. He is going to look back on his torture every single day. Abuse is not something a person ever fully recovers from…at best, they will experience a lifetime of healing but that healing process will never finish. All over loose affiliations with Anonymous, all over stumbling across a classified document, and all over reconsidering the legitimacy of an abusive world power when it proves itself to be disloyal to its own citizens.

The #FreeMattDeHart campaign, put together by several grassroots activists and Anons, is not only a political cause, but also an attempt to help Matt and his family begin that healing process. We are raising awareness through activist networks on social media, as well as locally in Ontario so that his voice can be heard, and so that everyone who pays attention will hear about this case and the severe injustices within it. A small protest was held on August.16th in Toronto, and we encourage everyone to hold solidarity demonstrations in your city to show support for the DeHarts and send a message to the Canadian government to not extradite Matt, as well as call for the FBI and U.S. government to be held accountable for their actions. At this point in time no one is safe from government persecution and it is obvious that the state will do whatever it needs in order to trap targets. We cannot let this happen. While the internet is problematic in many ways, it is necessary that we “occupy” it, not only to mobilize our movements on a grander scale, but to keep it free and open so that it does not become a state-owned tool for manipulation and control. Matt DeHart’s situation, as well as the situations of all political prisoners under the Anonymous/Wikileaks banner, should serve as warning signs. Those who are targeted need as much support as possible. Please join the campaign and support Matt DeHart until he is free.

*All quotes and factual information about the case came from Adrian Humphreys’ 5-part write up: “Hacker, Creeper, Solider, Spy”: http://news.nationalpost.com/matt-dehart-claims-hes-wanted-for-working-with-anonymous/

Get involved with #FreeMattDeHart
-website: freematt.net
-Facebook: Free Matt DeHart
-Twitter: @freemattdehart
-AnonOps IRC channel: #freemattdehart

Sign the petition:https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Immigration_and_Refugee_Board_Canada_Uphold_Matt_Deharts_DeHarts_human_rights_against_extradition_to_the_US/

Special thanks to Canadianon & Stacie Korako for encouragement and constructive feedback.

#Palestine Solidarity Activists Occupy Conservative MP’s Office

MP sit in and arrest July 31st 2014 10Click to enlarge

On Thursday in London, Ontario a small group of activists held a sit-in at the office of conservative MP Susan Truppe. This was the second sit-in at her office in the last week or so, and both times she was absent. At the last sit-in, activists decided to cooperate with the police when told to leave and no one was arrested…but this time everyone insisted on staying until we were arrested, escorted out of the building, or our demands were met: we wanted to speak with Truppe about her stance on Gaza and discuss the possibility of her making a statement in support of the people of Palestine (or at least denouncing the murder of innocents). Within an hour of being there, Truppe’s staff called the police. The police stood around trying to convince us that what we were doing was pointless. The ever-so insightful officers informed us that our action would not stop the violence in Gaza (and therefore we shouldn’t be that concerned), that we should make an appointment only to meet with Truppe weeks or months from now, and just go home. Meanwhile, our request was to speak with her on the phone for 5 or 10 minutes at the most to share our concerns and hopefully get some kind of statement…instead we talked on the phone with her manager in Ottawa, a man named “Nick”, who made this about “Occupy London” and said very clearly and grumpily that he didn’t care what any of us thought about the Gaza situation.

As the Israeli government’s massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank continues with a death toll now in the thousands, protests and civil disobedience actions are escalating around the world in support of the Palestinian struggle. “Canada” is no different. The Canadian government has repeatedly stated its unwavering support for Israel, but it is clear that peoples living in Canada do not stand behind the government’s view that Israel is the victim and their colonial violence is justified. We demand that our government stop cheering on Israel’s genocidal operations, hold Israeli leaders accountable for their war crimes, and support Palestinians in their fight for self-determination. As an elected public servant, Susan Truppe has a responsibility to her constituents; to represent us, our values, and to address our concerns when we have them. Not that that means anything.

Folks were arrested and released within ten minutes. No charges were laid. Let’s hope that at some point Truppe stops hiding behind the bureaucratic process and pretends to care that she and the conservative party are complicit in genocidal war crimes against a brutally oppressed population.

MP sit in and arrest July 31st 2014 kevin jones photoclick to enlarge

MP sit in and arrest July 31st 2014 8click to enlarge

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July 31 sit in mp office Conservative Party of Canada's view point 11click to enlarge

Susan Truppe’s earlier statement on Gaza that we were given copies of. Thoughts?

Queers Against Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade 2014


Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Local activist did a banner drop along the parade route during London’s 20th annual pride parade. “Pinkwashing is a strategy used by the Brand Israel campaign to garner the support of queers in other parts of the world. It is simply an attempt to make the Zionist project more appealing to queer people.” Source: http://electronicintifada.net/content/eight-questions-palestinian-queers-are-tired-hearing/12951

 Activist setting up the banner.

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Banner Drop London Pride Parade July 28th 2014

Video: QuAIA at world pride Toronto


Why use the term ‘apartheid’? Find the answer here —> Apartheid 101

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) Info:

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid formed to work in solidarity with queers in Palestine and Palestine solidarity movements around the world. Today, in response to increasing criticism of its occupation of Palestine, Israel is cultivating an image of itself as an oasis of gay tolerance in the Middle East, a practice that is called pinkwashing. As queers, we recognize that homophobia exists in Israel, Palestine, and across all borders. However, the struggle for sexual rights cannot come at the price of other rights.

Queer Palestinians continue to face the challenge of living under occupation and apartheid, subject to Israeli state violence and control, regardless of liberal laws within Israel that allow gays to serve in the military, or recognize same sex marriage and adoption for Israeli citizens. QuAIA works to fight homophobia, transphobia and gender oppression wherever they exist.

QuAIA Web Site: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/

London Pride Web Site: http://pridelondon.ca/