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Above the law

On November 5th, the London Anonymous group held a rally, entitled the Million Mask March, to protest government corruption, unjust laws, and police surveillance, among other things. Over the next few days, the police decided to conduct an investigation, in which they figured it was ok, to constantly harass non violent activist’s for their footage, going so far as to threaten to break down doors and threatening to confiscate computers, cameras, and harddrives. Nothing ever came of these threats, and indeed, most of the footage the cops were asking for was already online. In fact, the police released a press statement, thanking those members of the public who posted their video’s online, which included those being threatened. So, on one hand, you have the cops harassing people for footage, and on the other, you have those same cops, thanking those who were harassed.

On December 4th, Mike Roy, and Bailey Lamon, of The Indignants, witness 2 local thugs violently arrest a man downtown London. They start filming and taking pictures with their cellphones. After said arrest, they walk home. A couple of days later, the 2 said thugs visit Mike and Bailey. “We’ll toss your place upside down“ they said. “We’re gonna come back with a warrant” they said. However, when confronted about what he said, pottruff immediately backtracks and responds 3 times  with “search your place”. And they never bothered coming with a warrant. In fact, they never bothered to come again for this. Seems to me, that if you stand your ground against these thugs, when they are threatening to violate your rights, as they violate your rights by harassing you, they back down. For a little bit. Which is kind of sad when you think about it. They keep trying the same thing, with the same results. You’d think they’d try something different.

Kevin Jones seems to have born the brunt of the harassment from London Police Services as of late. He has been constantly called and harassed over footage, and most recently over a facebook post he made.

He was was called the next morning, and was informed “ that they have have been monitoring my Facebook posts and he says he is worried about me harming myself”


I have been informed from people that work in the field, that it is difficult to get the police to do welfare checks on people, when social workers and others ask them to, as required by law. WHAT THE FUCK are they doing pretending to do a welfare check on a peaceful non violent activist, when they can’t even be bothered to do welfare checks on those who actually may need a welfare check.(and lets not get into the whole idea of cops doing “welfare checks” to begin with)

Kevin recieved several more calls after this from unknown numbers, which, if you’ve ever experienced this type of harassment, you’d know that the police never call you from a number in which you can call them direct.(even though they have cellphones) They always block their number. I wonder why they don’t have any transparency there. Seems to me, that public servants should be more than willing to give out their phone numbers to those who ask. Especially considering that pottruff is always looking for new avenues of communication. I’ve asked him several times in the past for his phone number, but he keeps on giving me the stations number. Apparently, it’s ok for him and his friends to call and harass non violent activists, but not ok for the rest of the world. Cops are obviously above the law, when it comes to harassment and intimidation.



From the Canadian Criminal Code;

  • 264. (1) No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly as to whether the other person is harassed, engage in conduct referred to in subsection (2) that causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them.
  • Marginal note:Prohibited conduct

    (2) The conduct mentioned in subsection (1) consists of

    • (a) repeatedly following from place to place the other person or anyone known to them;
    • (b) repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly, the other person or anyone known to them;
    • (c) besetting or watching the dwelling-house, or place where the other person, or anyone known to them, resides, works, carries on business or happens to be; or
    • (d) engaging in threatening conduct directed at the other person or any member of their family.
  • Marginal note:Punishment

    (3) Every person who contravenes this section is guilty of

    • (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or
    • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

There is a hell of a lot more to this story. Watch here for more stories, and check out our previous articles.

How That Catcalling Video Fails



While focusing on one specific aspect of social hierarchy can be successful in demonstrating a particular social issue, it can neglect to see how other issues of oppression might intersect with it. I will be arguing that the video called “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” is effective in the creation of discourse around gender related issues such as patriarchy and street harassment, but at the same time it is insensitive to, and neglects to see intersectionality, allowing for a subtle narrative to be created through negative race and class related stereotypes.

    The video addresses the issue of gender related harassment, utilizing and confirming the patriarchal heteronormative assumption that men would indeed harass and objectify the woman who stars in the short film. The video production was done with the intention of the woman being the object of “the male gaze” through the use of the camera (the gaze), presenting the woman as the center point, positioning the camera directly at her as she walks briskly, showing little emotion and looking straight ahead as she moves through the streets of New York city. As she moves through the streets, it is obvious that “the woman is passive to the active gaze from the men she passes by and this passivity adds to the hegemonic patriarchy to the films narrative.”  The text at the beginning of the film states “Ten hours of silent walking through all areas of Manhattan, wearing jeans and a crew-neck t-shirt.100+ instances of verbal street harassment took place within 10 hours, involving people of all backgrounds.” The problem with this statement is that when you watch the video, you notice that all of the men who harass the woman appear to be visible minorities, contradicting the videos statement about inclusion of “involving people of all backgrounds” and many are just sitting on the side of the street which further reinforces negative stereotypes of race and class.

    Looking at an issue strictly through a singular lense is problematic, because issues of oppression such as classism, sexism and racism are all interrelated. This video, however meaningful in its intentions, is actually very harmful in that it either completely ignores or it intentionally creates a subliminal narrative around race and class. This could be unintentional, but it reinforces negative stereotypes and a notion that people of color should be feared, as the video shows no examples of white males exhibiting this same behaviour.

    The video is successful in demonstrating its goal of creating awareness around street harassment, however its narrow perspective fails to see and even perpetuates negative stereotypes of social hierarchy. This film creates a subconscious narrative which utilizes pre-existing socially constructed racial and social stereotypes which should have been noticed by the production crew. Being socially aware involves being able to take a step back often out of our own privileged perspective to look at how intersectional power dynamics can positively or negatively affect a message.



By Mike Roy



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American Sniper A Testament To Right Wing Ideology


American Sniper is an attempt to portray an ideology of homogenization and imperialism through the ‘othering’ of the Iraqi people. The main character in the movie, Chris Kyle, was unable to escape the ideological framework of his childhood, thereby ignoring any context that sits outside of his community’s core beliefs. American sniper ignores history and firmly implants the idea of the ‘civilized’ versus the ‘savage’.

4b17c3ecd6fd652746e41d44497d3cfeFrom the moment the movie starts there is a continual ‘us versus them’ mentality. At the beginning of the movie we peek into Chris Kyle’s childhood, in particular his relationship with his father, Wayne. Their relationship is one of a traditional mid west family where the man hunts, the woman cooks, and the family goes to church together. This is not necessarily problematic in itself, but it lays the groundwork for how Chris’ conservative ideology was shaped, and how his environment came to be racially and religiously homogenized. While at school, Chris’ younger brother gets into a fight and is beaten up pretty badly by another boy. Chris steps in to defend his brother and fights off the bully. Later that night while Chris is at the dinner table with his family his father starts to lecture the boys about the fight in the schoolyard. He says:

There are three types of people in the world sheep, wolves and Sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves… those are the sheep. Then you got predators who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. Then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression and an overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed that live to confront the wolf– They are the sheepdog. Now we’re not raising any sheep in this family and I will whoop your ass if you turn into a wolf. But we take care of our own. And if someone picks a fight with you or bullies your brother, you have my permission to finish it.”

This is a defining moment in Chris’ life, and his father’s words stick with him into his adult years.

For Chris “God, country, family” are his core values. Unfortunately, he is unable to see past the dinner table with his father, who has instilled in him the notion of ‘the other’; that which is evil and darkness. The problem with this framework is the fact that one fails to see outside of their own ideology. There is no context given or even needed to understand ‘the other’ because everything other must be evil. This leads Chris to eventually enlist in the United States Navy as a Special Forces sniper. On August 7, 1998, two East African Embassies of the United States were attacked in coordinated bombings and hundreds of Americans died. Chris is watching this on the news when the reporter goes on to say that 80 people are confirmed dead and that “someone’s at war with the United States.” Chris is stunned, he stares blankly at the TV screen as the images of horror flash before his eyes. He says quietly to himself “Look what they did.”  This scenario is repeated again later as Chris and his wife watch the second plane crash into the world trade center on September 11th, 2001.

The Film suggests the Iraq war was in response to 9/11 when the truth of the matter is that the war in Iraq was nothing more than a land grab; an appropriation of resources from a dictator that was not willing to do business as usual with the United States. Ideology is what fueled the conflict with Iraq, not the events on September 11th, 2001. At no point in the movie is the question asked as to why they are fighting. This context is not only overlooked it is intensified by the dehumanization of the people of Iraq.

Lies-of-warGeorge Bush’s war on terror constructed individual interests and a threat to the community as a whole. Everyone 25 years of age and older remembers what they were doing and where they were at the moment the news broke about the planes hitting the world trade center. We were all touched by this tragedy, and it is through this shared experience we set ourselves apart from ‘the other’; through constructed individual interests, and a common bond of sorrow and social values. The attacks on September 11th, 2001 constructed a narrative that furthered a neoliberal ideology controlled by the United States Government and its western allies, referred to as the ‘Coalition Of The Willing’. There were no weapons of mass destruction, the United States and its allies created a domestic threat, or as Chris’s dad would say, the wolf, which required action from the sheepdog, in this case, Chris. 

American Sniper takes a step further from creating ‘the other’, it outright dehumanizes the Iraqi people referring to them only as savages. Chris’ wife asks him about the conflict as she feels he has been quiet and withdrawn, saying “You’re not protecting me by not talking about it.” Chris’ reply to her was “They’re fuckin savages.” This is not the only time the Iraqi people are portrayed this way in the film. This term is the only definition given for the Iraqi people and its given five times throughout the movie.

There is so much more that could be said about this film, and it will undoubtedly go down in history as America’s premier piece of propaganda. It is a tribute to the war on terror and, much like the Nazi film Triumph of the Will made by Leni Riefenstahl in 1934 that chronicles the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, nationalism and pride are explicit themes. What sets this film apart from Riefenstahl’s 1934 film however is the distinct creation of ‘the other’, the dehumanization of the people it stands against, and the way in which the colonial notion of the civilized versus the savages, the us versus them mentality, is portrayed.

The main character Chris Kyle attitude towards the Iraqi people was largely due to his homogenized and conservative environment. Chris is everything that America stands for in the eyes of traditional Christian Americans. While “God, country, family” are not necessarily bad things, it is when we regard everyone else that falls outside this description as evil.

‘Othering’ is used to enforce ideological control as seen in this movie it can be done by heads of state as well as the head of a family. Combine the idea of ‘the other’ with the inability to question authority and you have a recipe for dogmatic nationalistic authoritarianism much like Communist Russia or Nazi Germany.


American sniper is the best film to teach people about not only war propaganda, but also good old-fashioned right-wing American values. To think director Clint Eastwood would make a film counter to this would be just silly, after all didn’t he conquer the wild west? With guns a blazing?

Using terror as a systemic way of influencing the masses is in itself a form of terrorism.


By Mike Roy



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Blood on our hands and fear in our hearts: C-51 must be stopped


On Saturday, March.14th, 2015 people all over “Canada” came together to express their collective rage and refusal to comply with Stephen Harper’ so called “Anti-Terror” Act, bill C-51. Most are against this legislation because it is gravely threatening to our civil liberties, expanding the definition of “terrorism” as well as the powers of spy agencies like CSIS, CSEC, RCMP and local police forces to legally spy on and collect information about any person on suspicion alone. This also means that information collected, including communications content (on and offline), metadata, whereabouts and social networks can be shared among law enforcement and government agencies more freely, on a National and most likely a global scale…Edward Snowden has warned Canadians to be wary of C-51 and points out that as it currently stands, Canada’s surveillance state has some of the weakest oversight in the Western world. According to Snowden’s leaked NSA documents, collaboration between Canada’s spy agencies and the NSA is nothing new…and the same goes for the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance in general, between Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. If and when C-51 passes, it will certainly increase the amount of spying that occurs locally and globally. C-51 is an expansion of a much larger surveillance agenda for the purposes of stifling dissent and depoliticizing the population in defense of so called “national security”.

Also included in C-51 is the ability for law enforcement to arrest anyone they desire (again, only on suspicion) as well as hold them in custody for up to seven days without charge. With blanket statements like “terrorism” and “inciting terrorism” having no real meaning aside from remaining broad but serious offences in the eyes of the government, legal experts and scholars warn that the law could be applied to just about anyone who speaks or acts in opposition. Leaked RCMP documents support this fear, as we now know that the Canadian government considers Native activists and environmentalists to be severely threatening to Canada’s national security and economic infrastructure…as opposed to violent people wanting to cause harm and the lone wolves most likely to commit acts of “terror”, those targeted by C-51 will actually be peaceful protesters such as environmentalists, Indigenous land defenders opposed to fracking and pipelines on their territories, war resisters and Palestine activists (who the Canadian government has a special kind of hatred for). What is also concerning is the potential impact on the media…will Canadian journalists be censored or face legal consequences for reporting on certain issues, or reporting on them from certain perspectives that may not be so sympathetic to the conservative party’s agenda?

It is important to remember that these issues are not new, and that law enforcement as we know it was created specifically for the purpose of monitoring and silencing the population, minority voices in particular but really anyone standing up to injustice. Historically and to this day, this has included labour unions, feminists, Indigenous activists, Arab Canadians and queer activists among others. While it is always tragic when innocent lives are lost, such as what occured during the Ottawa shooting, it is this type of tragedy that the government was waiting for. It is the perfect excuse for clamping down on the entire population and manufacturing fear so that it results in more obedience rather than a serious questioning of what our society—and our world, is doing wrong. Steven Blaney, Canada’s minister of public safety, even uses the Holocaust to defend C-51, citing that it “did not begin in the gas chamber, it began with words”, because apparently turning CSIS into a Gestapo-type secret police force is an effective way to combat the growing threat of fascism. The government and many Canadian citizens feel good about themselves when they point fingers at violent people and social problems in other parts of the world, but choose to completely ignore the systemic violence in our own country, such as poverty and mental illness, that may drive a person to religious or other forms of extremism.

Before he carried out the Ottawa shooting, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was purposely committing crimes in the hope that he would be sent to jail for rehabilitation because he could feel his mental state deteriorating…when people feel as though JAIL is their only chance at survival, how can the government justify it’s current actions? How can they put the blame on our Muslim sisters and brothers like they have, simply because a few people are drawn to radical Islam when even CSIS considers white supremacy a bigger threat to Canadians? What a lot of this comes down to is that Stephen Harper is racist against Arabs and enjoys insulting Muslims, especially the autonomy of Muslim women who choose to wear the Hijab or Niqab. According to Stephen Harper and despite head scarves not being limited to any one religion or culture, these garments are “anti-woman”, while telling women how to present themselves is not. And what about the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women who mean nothing to the Harper government as they continue to insist that it’s “not a sociological phenomenon” and doesn’t require more investigative work into questions still unanswered?

There is no jihadist terrorist problem, there is a democracy problem, a white supremacy problem, a poverty problem, an imperialist war problem, and a global exploitation problem. ISIS wants to cut off our heads because in this part of the world we do not use our heads. Just like the Indigenous and First Nations peoples of Turtle Island, human beings all over the world are losing their lands, cultures and lives because of our government’s practices and complacency in wars, genocides, and destruction of the Earth for profit. How can we be surprised by this anger? How can we be shocked or offended by the fact that others think we deserve death when our government spends billions of dollars on bringing death and destruction to the entire world, and then rambling on about peace, freedom, liberty and human rights? As the people living in this country whose job it is to hold the powers that be accountable, how could we have let things get this bad?

We are all responsible for the violent world we live in, and bill C-51 not only restricts our civil liberties but it seeks to wash away the blood on our hands. Fear is a common excuse to obsolve oneself of responsbility and action. The Harper government is doing a fantastic job of maximizing fear to the point where so many are afraid to think for themselves.

The Canadian government has declared war on us. If they want a war, we’ll give them a war. They can try to discredit us, label us as terrorists, put us on lists and lock us up without charge…but regardless of what happens, it is crucial that we do not back down and let them win. There is a lot of talk about “our rights” being taken away, but while these concerns are obviously legitimate I think it is also important to ask ourselves…when did we truly have or deserve these so called “rights” when others didn’t? The fight against C-51 is not just about average people going to jail for their ideas and speech alone—it is about a larger battle for liberation globally. We are in the heart of the beast and if we do not hold our governments accountable in this part of the world, everyone in the world loses.


PS: To Canadian Edward Snowden if you’re out there…no pressure man, but we could really use your help right now. Just sayin’.

Chief Hide-In-Closet wants you to BE FEARFUL!!!! #StopTheFear

The Harper©® Government, would like to detain all those who dissent with Bill C-51. Not only to fill the new jails with political prisoners, environmental and indigenous activists, but also with Muslims. He’s pretty obvious about his hate with those who support Palestine, or the people of Palestine. Not that he actually makes that distinction. And there seem to be a lot of Muslims that support the people of Palestine and other nations not on the approved “their governments give us oil” list.

The picture that is starting to come to my mind, is one of mass detentions, a la the detention camps for those of Japanese, German, Italian descent and other political prisoners during World War 2. Is this the kind of utter fucking bullshit we want here again?!? To see our friends thrown in jail, for believing in other ideologies or religions, something that is required if you want to live in a real democracy. To watch as those who dissent are slowly shut up, and shut out, by a government hell bent on control? Because it’s obviously about control at this point. It’s a common occurrence in churches and other cults, which is what High Priest Lord Harper©® seems to have brought into the state. That kind of hoity toity uppity better than thou religious ideology has no place in a democracy, but the people seemed to have voted him in. But not really, because he certainly got a minority of the vote. And of course, he sees no need for electoral reform.  Why change something that works out in his favour. All Hail High Priest Lord Harper©®!!!

They call it a democracy. I’ve often called it a demockary. If this bill c-51 passes, this will finally become absolute truth. You will have the freedom to do as you are told, and vote for one of the 3 major parties. If you vote green, or worse, you don’t vote at all, don’t be surprised when CSIS shows up at your door for an unscheduled interview. Or if you notice strange clicks when you answer the phone occasionally, that’s normal. I swear it. :P Don’t worry about voting NDP. It’s not like CSIS is gonna wor…oh shit…Why do I always forget about Tommy Douglas?

Anyway, Chief Hide-In-Closet is right about one thing. You should be fearful. Fearful that he rushes this bill through without proper oversight, or debate, so the kinks can get worked out. Or not, and they just chuck the damn thing out the window. That would be preferable, considering that this bill does absolutely nothing to make us secure. Glorious Leader Harper©® seems to think this will help, but he’s apparently ignorant of laws that we currently have.  Or the fact that laws like this have been tried elsewhere, to little or no effect, other then the mass violations of the rights of innocent people.

Welcome to Harper’s©® klanaduh.


Department Of Homeland Security Report On Occupy Sandy



Department of ‘Homeland Security’ released a report on Occupy Sandy. “The Resilient Social Network”

This report surprisingly proclaims the efficiency and effectiveness of methods alien to the bureaucratic and hierarchical establishment.
Around 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy a post tropical cyclone that mixed with an intense low pressure system made landfall near Brigantine, New Jersey. It would become the second costliest storm in United States history, responsible for 65 billion dollars in damage and 159 deaths across 24 U.S. states, causing particularly severe damage to New York City (NYC) and New Jersey.
Within hours of Sandy’s landfall, members from the Occupy Wall Street movement a planned social movement comprised of social activists who protested income inequality in the United States used social media to tap the wider Occupy network for volunteers and aid. Overnight, a volunteer army of young, educated, tech savvy individuals with time and a desire to help others emerged. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, “Occupy Sandy” became one of the leading humanitarian groups providing relief to survivors across New York City and New Jersey. At its peak, it had grown to an estimated 60,000 volunteers, more than four times the number deployed by the American Red Cross.
Occupy Sandy Relief Effort at St. Matthew St. Luke Episcopal
Unlike traditional disaster response organizations, there were no appointed leaders, no bureaucracy, no regulations to follow, no predefined mission, charter, or strategic plan.
There was just relief.




Mike Roy – Revolution News – The Indignants

Haters go the extra mile.

Just wanted to put this post up here quick, so the rest of you can see how fucked up of a world we live in, when bigots go the extra mile, to photoshop a lie, in order to raise fear.
Here’s the post. From “Never Again Canada”.





This kind of dishonesty, is exactly what we should be fighting. And exactly what harper wants to see, even if he won’t admit it. Shopping photo’s like this harms our society, it doesn’t help it. Death threats are to be expected when groups spread dishonest lies like this.


Matt DeHart deported from Canada; named Courage Beneficiary alongside Snowden and Hammond

Photo via Free Matt DeHart Facebook page.

Matthew Paul DeHart, a former American soldier, whistleblower and Anonymous hacker was deported from Canada on Sunday, March.1st after losing his bid for asylum. He was given to FBI agents, placed in a Buffalo prison and had his first U.S. court appearance since before travelling to Canada with his parents in 2013.

On Monday he was ordered to be transferred to Tennessee for arraignment. Matt’s parents, Paul and Leann, were also given a removal order and will soon return to the U.S., unsure of their next steps as well as their son’s fate.

Matt was raided, arrested and tortured as part of an espionage investigation in 2010, sparked by his alleged involvement with the Anonymous hacktivist collective, as well as a classified document he found on a secret server that he believed could be destined for WikiLeaks. Part of what makes this case so intriguing, in the most messed up way possible, is how the U.S. government is trying (very poorly) to cover up their true motivations for targeting Matt by slapping child pornography charges on him…charges that are not supported by concrete evidence and have been doubted by 3 different judges, including Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, who did not deny Matt asylum because of these charges but because they truly believe he will get a fair trial in the U.S.

But the last time Matt was in the U.S. he was drugged and tortured by the FBI. He was also not questioned about child porn, but about Anonymous, WikiLeaks, his former military unit and his alleged attempt to sell military secrets to the Russians. Matt claims that when he denied the child porn charges to the FBI, they admitted it was a ruse to trap him in the legal system and get ahold of his electronics as part of a larger crackdown on hacktivists and possible whistleblowers…who in the eyes of the U.S. government are not moral actors but terrorists, right up there with ISIS. This is not only ridiculous for obvious reasons, but it has severe consequences for anyone with a political mindset who may be compelled to take action against violent and corrupt forces.

The same is true for Canada, where the government is about to pass bill C-51, the “anti-terror” agenda that would essentially turn spy agencies like CSIS into secret police forces, with the affected population being not the few violent people who want to cause harm, but the many peaceful activists and journalists whose “radical” beliefs are seen as threatening by the conservative government.

On a brighter note, on Monday it was announced that Matt DeHart is the Courage Foundation’s third beneficiary, after Jeremy Hammond and Edward Snowden. The Courage Foundation provides support to whistleblowers, journalists and political activists who risk themselves to bring important information to the public for the purpose of defending human rights and a free press. The advisory board includes WikiLeaks editors Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison, as well as Chris Hedges, Slavoj Zizek, and Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alekhina of Pussy Riot, among others. Support from the Courage Foundation and WikiLeaks is helping to raise higher levels of awareness about Matt’s legal case and the many issues it presents.

It is no secret that when it comes to potential “threats”, America condones torture and abuse in just about any form for the sake of this broad idea called “National Security”. Clearly, this is also Canada’s idea of “justice” because the Immigration and Refugee Board has no problem sending Matt DeHart back into the hands of the government that tortured him because of what he knew. This case is bizarre in many ways, but it is an important one that will no doubt set precedents and generate fiery debates around many revelent intersecting issues that are constantly popping up today. In Sarah Harrisons words: “It raises important legal questions, including the behaviour of the Canadian asylum system in relation to the United States, the status of ‘data couriers’ to WikiLeaks and other publications, the status of Anonymous ‘members,’ the limits of state power during espionage investigations, the abuse of medical procedures, the use of deportation instead of extradition, the exploitation of the mentally vulnerable by investigators and the use of unrelated charges of a taboo nature during a national security investigation.”

Matt DeHart is part of the internet generation, just like Chelsea Manning, Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and many others. They all courageously brought truth to the public to hold abusive state powers accountable for unjust actions and policies, regardless of what they knew could (and did) happen to them. When Matt talks about his role in this regard, he is humble. He does not claim to have played a large role in Anonymous, but says that he registered a Youtube account for Anonymous in the Chanology days and was part of a small group of organizers (a claim later supported by fellow Anons). He does not claim to be a high-profile whistleblower who risked his life to leak millions of state secrets, but tells us he simply found a document on his server that he initially deleted, but thought that WikiLeaks would be a better option…because like most people who believe in REAL freedom and democracy, Matt believes that the public has a right to know.

Matt is staying strong as this ordeal continues, and he has many supporters who do not plan on backing down from supporting him and spreading the word about his case.

More info:


Twitter: @freemattdehart

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freemattdehart

Press Release: Matt DeHart named as Third Courage beneficiary https://couragefound.org/2015/03/matt-dehart-named-as-third-courage-beneficiary/

Adrian Humphreys’ 5-piece story “Hacker, Creeper, Soldier, Spy” http://news.nationalpost.com/matt-dehart-claims-hes-wanted-for-working-with-anonymous/

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NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake’s statement in support of Matt DeHart https://couragefound.org/2015/03/thomas-drakes-statement-in-support-of-matt-dehart/

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Board Denies Matt DeHart’s Claim For Refugee Protection — But Offers Moral Victory http://www.freematt.net/2015/02/headline-despite-moral-victory-whistleblower-matt-de-hart-to-be-deported-in-very-short-order/

News Release: Denial of Refugee Protection for Matt DeHart http://www.freematt.net/2015/02/denial-of-refugee-protection-for-matt-dehart/

Alleged Anonymous hacker Matt DeHart deported to U.S. from Canada http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/alleged-anonymous-hacker-matt-dehart-deported-to-u-s-from-canada-1.2259807

Anonymous Quebec launches #OpC51 in retaliation to Canadian Anti-Terror Bill


Anonymous Quebec has launched #OpC51, calling for nation-wide action against Stephen Harper’s Anti-Terror Act. The following statement was released on Thursday, February.26th through Pastebin and on the #OpC51 website:

“Fellow citizens of Quebec and Canada,

Our federal government is on the brink of making a direct attack to our freedom of expression and right to privacy. Bill C 51, if passed, will give to our government over reaching powers of surveillance and warrantless arrests, still never seen since the incidents of 9 11.

We urge every single citizen of this country to join the national fight before it is too late.

Share information to those close using the different methods that will be provided in the coming days and weeks; sign the petitions and ask others to do so as well. Take to the streets with your brothers and sisters. We are with you. We are one.

This law has already had its second reading; the house voted 176 for and 87 against. AnonymousQuebec is urging all to join in a national movement towards the abolishment of this bill. We are committed to the people of Quebec and our beautiful country, and will support all protests against this bill, whether online or outside. Nationwide media attention is needed to shed light on this abusive and anti democratic issue, this attack to our most basic of rights.

We, the people, will not be intimidated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, nor will we be threatened. This spring is a thorn in your side, and our rage for justice will never be extinguished. We will not let C 51 come to be.

We will not forgive and we will not forget this attack to our fundamental rights in this attempt to limit them.

We are legion.
Expect us.”

Since its introduction into the house of commons bill C-51 was strongly opposed by people all over the country, including politicians such as Green Party leader Elizabeth May. The bill is seen as a heavy-handed approach to a relatively small problem, and is highly controversial due to the severe violations it would present to our civil liberties, including our rights to privacy and free speech. The bill, which is supposedly meant to protect Canadians from evil terrorists that were once funded by our strongest allies (but we don’t like them anymore, you see!), has been revealed through RCMP documents to be more about tracking the communications of environmental activists, including peaceful anti-pipeline protesters and Indigenous Land Defenders.

It is a very problematic, psychologically chilling approach to so-called crisis prevention that Edward Snowden himself is warning us against. It would give Canada’s spy agencies (like CSIS, CSEC, RCMP and even regular police forces) more power and less oversight, not only when it comes to spying on “potential threats” but also the ability to arrest any person they choose without necessarily having to prove that they did anything to warrant an arrest. All that law enforcement has to do is, at the most, label someone a potential terrorist.

Acts that would fit the Canadian Government’s idea of “terrorism” are scarce…as opposed to lets say, thousands of cases of missing and/or murdered Indigenous Women that Stephen Harper insists is not a “sociological phenomenon” and thus is not “high on the radar” for the conservatives. The Canadian government will do whatever it can to criminalize peaceful protest and free expression under the guise of “national security”, but will not lift a finger out of concern for thousands of women murdered.

This is obviously a massive injustice and awfully hypocritical. But it is not surprising that Harper’s jealousy of the post-911 Bush regime would cause him to exploit the tragic Ottawa shooting to impose his own war on terror. Most of us are anxious about what’s to come, because we know that ourselves and our loved ones are at risk. But Harper and the conservatives are jerking each other off to that fear. Our fear. Why is he so obsessed with eco-hippies when there’s terrorists on the loose?!

These are exactly the issues that Anonymous Quebec is trying to mobilize around through #OpC51. Nation-wide actions are difficult to coordinate but if people in every community can work to spread awareness and mobilize at the local level, we may be able to send an important message to our all-powerful “leaders” that regardless of what they try to do to repress the few basic freedoms we have, any person with a working brain and a decent set of ethics will not put up with that shit.


Both photos were taken from the Op C-51 website.

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‘if one more of my sisters’: a poem for #MMIW #MMIWG2S

This poem was written in yearning for community accountability and in solidarity with the February 14th annual Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Memorial March. It is an honour song for Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirits that face horrific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence daily. While the list of missing women increases each year and apathy is rampant in colonial governments across Turtle Island, this poem is a call to action, to ceremony. It is an invitation to resist and an opportunity to find each other, to gather and grieve our beloved sisters, to take to the streets and dedicate ourselves to justice.  

TW: sexual assault


if one more of my sisters
is touched non-consensually
her mind made to warp a
righteous relationship with
her own skin and body
made to think she is
less than
not part of the land
part of a rib that came from
someone more complete than
she is
the life giving force that breathes
speak this!
what every one of the human species needed

what all life came from

for once

look into her eyes

and see us

because there’s already been
more than one of my sisters
since we’ve begun
pushed up between a wall and the finger
of a friend’s friend who made her
I’ve had enough
there is not a day without a reminder
that women weep in discomfort
as if it is her own bones that betray her
while it’s he who had his way with her
I’m beyond rage
I am danger
because it is not just strangers
it’s so called comrades
men we know
who are supposed to be brothers

We’ve had enough
will shame you for what you’ve done
loudly and publicly reprimand you some
take to the streets, your neighbors
demand all but none
as much and for as long as you degrade her
be it a lifetime or more
because these are our sisters
don’t doubt us
cut out or try to prove wrong us
while perpetrator pals are brought closer

she is the only doorway into this world

respect her

MMIW Vigil and CP Rail Blockade March 13th, 2014

MMIW Vigil and CP Rail Blockade March 13th, 2014