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Haters go the extra mile.

Just wanted to put this post up here quick, so the rest of you can see how fucked up of a world we live in, when bigots go the extra mile, to photoshop a lie, in order to raise fear.
Here’s the post. From “Never Again Canada”.





This kind of dishonesty, is exactly what we should be fighting. And exactly what harper wants to see, even if he won’t admit it. Shopping photo’s like this harms our society, it doesn’t help it. Death threats are to be expected when groups spread dishonest lies like this.


Matt DeHart deported from Canada; named Courage Beneficiary alongside Snowden and Hammond

Photo via Free Matt DeHart Facebook page.

Matthew Paul DeHart, a former American soldier, whistleblower and Anonymous hacker was deported from Canada on Sunday, March.1st after losing his bid for asylum. He was given to FBI agents, placed in a Buffalo prison and had his first U.S. court appearance since before travelling to Canada with his parents in 2013.

On Monday he was ordered to be transferred to Tennessee for arraignment. Matt’s parents, Paul and Leann, were also given a removal order and will soon return to the U.S., unsure of their next steps as well as their son’s fate.

Matt was raided, arrested and tortured as part of an espionage investigation in 2010, sparked by his alleged involvement with the Anonymous hacktivist collective, as well as a classified document he found on a secret server that he believed could be destined for WikiLeaks. Part of what makes this case so intriguing, in the most messed up way possible, is how the U.S. government is trying (very poorly) to cover up their true motivations for targeting Matt by slapping child pornography charges on him…charges that are not supported by concrete evidence and have been doubted by 3 different judges, including Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, who did not deny Matt asylum because of these charges but because they truly believe he will get a fair trial in the U.S.

But the last time Matt was in the U.S. he was drugged and tortured by the FBI. He was also not questioned about child porn, but about Anonymous, WikiLeaks, his former military unit and his alleged attempt to sell military secrets to the Russians. Matt claims that when he denied the child porn charges to the FBI, they admitted it was a ruse to trap him in the legal system and get ahold of his electronics as part of a larger crackdown on hacktivists and possible whistleblowers…who in the eyes of the U.S. government are not moral actors but terrorists, right up there with ISIS. This is not only ridiculous for obvious reasons, but it has severe consequences for anyone with a political mindset who may be compelled to take action against violent and corrupt forces.

The same is true for Canada, where the government is about to pass bill C-51, the “anti-terror” agenda that would essentially turn spy agencies like CSIS into secret police forces, with the affected population being not the few violent people who want to cause harm, but the many peaceful activists and journalists whose “radical” beliefs are seen as threatening by the conservative government.

On a brighter note, on Monday it was announced that Matt DeHart is the Courage Foundation’s third beneficiary, after Jeremy Hammond and Edward Snowden. The Courage Foundation provides support to whistleblowers, journalists and political activists who risk themselves to bring important information to the public for the purpose of defending human rights and a free press. The advisory board includes WikiLeaks editors Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison, as well as Chris Hedges, Slavoj Zizek, and Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alekhina of Pussy Riot, among others. Support from the Courage Foundation and WikiLeaks is helping to raise higher levels of awareness about Matt’s legal case and the many issues it presents.

It is no secret that when it comes to potential “threats”, America condones torture and abuse in just about any form for the sake of this broad idea called “National Security”. Clearly, this is also Canada’s idea of “justice” because the Immigration and Refugee Board has no problem sending Matt DeHart back into the hands of the government that tortured him because of what he knew. This case is bizarre in many ways, but it is an important one that will no doubt set precedents and generate fiery debates around many revelent intersecting issues that are constantly popping up today. In Sarah Harrisons words: “It raises important legal questions, including the behaviour of the Canadian asylum system in relation to the United States, the status of ‘data couriers’ to WikiLeaks and other publications, the status of Anonymous ‘members,’ the limits of state power during espionage investigations, the abuse of medical procedures, the use of deportation instead of extradition, the exploitation of the mentally vulnerable by investigators and the use of unrelated charges of a taboo nature during a national security investigation.”

Matt DeHart is part of the internet generation, just like Chelsea Manning, Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and many others. They all courageously brought truth to the public to hold abusive state powers accountable for unjust actions and policies, regardless of what they knew could (and did) happen to them. When Matt talks about his role in this regard, he is humble. He does not claim to have played a large role in Anonymous, but says that he registered a Youtube account for Anonymous in the Chanology days and was part of a small group of organizers (a claim later supported by fellow Anons). He does not claim to be a high-profile whistleblower who risked his life to leak millions of state secrets, but tells us he simply found a document on his server that he initially deleted, but thought that WikiLeaks would be a better option…because like most people who believe in REAL freedom and democracy, Matt believes that the public has a right to know.

Matt is staying strong as this ordeal continues, and he has many supporters who do not plan on backing down from supporting him and spreading the word about his case.

More info:


Twitter: @freemattdehart

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freemattdehart

Press Release: Matt DeHart named as Third Courage beneficiary https://couragefound.org/2015/03/matt-dehart-named-as-third-courage-beneficiary/

Adrian Humphreys’ 5-piece story “Hacker, Creeper, Soldier, Spy” http://news.nationalpost.com/matt-dehart-claims-hes-wanted-for-working-with-anonymous/

The Cryptosphere: Matt DeHart deported to US http://thecryptosphere.com/2015/03/02/matt-dehart-deported-to-us/

Anon.UK Radio – Matt DeHart’s attorney Tor Ekeland http://www.anonymousvideo.eu/anon-uk-radio-matt-dehart-s-attorney-tor-ekeland.html

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake’s statement in support of Matt DeHart https://couragefound.org/2015/03/thomas-drakes-statement-in-support-of-matt-dehart/

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Board Denies Matt DeHart’s Claim For Refugee Protection — But Offers Moral Victory http://www.freematt.net/2015/02/headline-despite-moral-victory-whistleblower-matt-de-hart-to-be-deported-in-very-short-order/

News Release: Denial of Refugee Protection for Matt DeHart http://www.freematt.net/2015/02/denial-of-refugee-protection-for-matt-dehart/

Alleged Anonymous hacker Matt DeHart deported to U.S. from Canada http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/alleged-anonymous-hacker-matt-dehart-deported-to-u-s-from-canada-1.2259807

Anonymous Quebec launches #OpC51 in retaliation to Canadian Anti-Terror Bill


Anonymous Quebec has launched #OpC51, calling for nation-wide action against Stephen Harper’s Anti-Terror Act. The following statement was released on Thursday, February.26th through Pastebin and on the #OpC51 website:

“Fellow citizens of Quebec and Canada,

Our federal government is on the brink of making a direct attack to our freedom of expression and right to privacy. Bill C 51, if passed, will give to our government over reaching powers of surveillance and warrantless arrests, still never seen since the incidents of 9 11.

We urge every single citizen of this country to join the national fight before it is too late.

Share information to those close using the different methods that will be provided in the coming days and weeks; sign the petitions and ask others to do so as well. Take to the streets with your brothers and sisters. We are with you. We are one.

This law has already had its second reading; the house voted 176 for and 87 against. AnonymousQuebec is urging all to join in a national movement towards the abolishment of this bill. We are committed to the people of Quebec and our beautiful country, and will support all protests against this bill, whether online or outside. Nationwide media attention is needed to shed light on this abusive and anti democratic issue, this attack to our most basic of rights.

We, the people, will not be intimidated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, nor will we be threatened. This spring is a thorn in your side, and our rage for justice will never be extinguished. We will not let C 51 come to be.

We will not forgive and we will not forget this attack to our fundamental rights in this attempt to limit them.

We are legion.
Expect us.”

Since its introduction into the house of commons bill C-51 was strongly opposed by people all over the country, including politicians such as Green Party leader Elizabeth May. The bill is seen as a heavy-handed approach to a relatively small problem, and is highly controversial due to the severe violations it would present to our civil liberties, including our rights to privacy and free speech. The bill, which is supposedly meant to protect Canadians from evil terrorists that were once funded by our strongest allies (but we don’t like them anymore, you see!), has been revealed through RCMP documents to be more about tracking the communications of environmental activists, including peaceful anti-pipeline protesters and Indigenous Land Defenders.

It is a very problematic, psychologically chilling approach to so-called crisis prevention that Edward Snowden himself is warning us against. It would give Canada’s spy agencies (like CSIS, CSEC, RCMP and even regular police forces) more power and less oversight, not only when it comes to spying on “potential threats” but also the ability to arrest any person they choose without necessarily having to prove that they did anything to warrant an arrest. All that law enforcement has to do is, at the most, label someone a potential terrorist.

Acts that would fit the Canadian Government’s idea of “terrorism” are scarce…as opposed to lets say, thousands of cases of missing and/or murdered Indigenous Women that Stephen Harper insists is not a “sociological phenomenon” and thus is not “high on the radar” for the conservatives. The Canadian government will do whatever it can to criminalize peaceful protest and free expression under the guise of “national security”, but will not lift a finger out of concern for thousands of women murdered.

This is obviously a massive injustice and awfully hypocritical. But it is not surprising that Harper’s jealousy of the post-911 Bush regime would cause him to exploit the tragic Ottawa shooting to impose his own war on terror. Most of us are anxious about what’s to come, because we know that ourselves and our loved ones are at risk. But Harper and the conservatives are jerking each other off to that fear. Our fear. Why is he so obsessed with eco-hippies when there’s terrorists on the loose?!

These are exactly the issues that Anonymous Quebec is trying to mobilize around through #OpC51. Nation-wide actions are difficult to coordinate but if people in every community can work to spread awareness and mobilize at the local level, we may be able to send an important message to our all-powerful “leaders” that regardless of what they try to do to repress the few basic freedoms we have, any person with a working brain and a decent set of ethics will not put up with that shit.


Both photos were taken from the Op C-51 website.

Have a look at it:


‘if one more of my sisters’: a poem for #MMIW #MMIWG2S

This poem was written in yearning for community accountability and in solidarity with the February 14th annual Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Memorial March. It is an honour song for Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirits that face horrific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence daily. While the list of missing women increases each year and apathy is rampant in colonial governments across Turtle Island, this poem is a call to action, to ceremony. It is an invitation to resist and an opportunity to find each other, to gather and grieve our beloved sisters, to take to the streets and dedicate ourselves to justice.  

TW: sexual assault


if one more of my sisters
is touched non-consensually
her mind made to warp a
righteous relationship with
her own skin and body
made to think she is
less than
not part of the land
part of a rib that came from
someone more complete than
she is
the life giving force that breathes
speak this!
what every one of the human species needed

what all life came from

for once

look into her eyes

and see us

because there’s already been
more than one of my sisters
since we’ve begun
pushed up between a wall and the finger
of a friend’s friend who made her
I’ve had enough
there is not a day without a reminder
that women weep in discomfort
as if it is her own bones that betray her
while it’s he who had his way with her
I’m beyond rage
I am danger
because it is not just strangers
it’s so called comrades
men we know
who are supposed to be brothers

We’ve had enough
will shame you for what you’ve done
loudly and publicly reprimand you some
take to the streets, your neighbors
demand all but none
as much and for as long as you degrade her
be it a lifetime or more
because these are our sisters
don’t doubt us
cut out or try to prove wrong us
while perpetrator pals are brought closer

she is the only doorway into this world

respect her

MMIW Vigil and CP Rail Blockade March 13th, 2014

MMIW Vigil and CP Rail Blockade March 13th, 2014

Canada moves to further support Israel’s war on Palestinians


On Monday, Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird announced that he would immediately step down from his position after 20 years in Canadian politics. But weeks before this announcement, he signed a troubling agreement between Canada and Israel called the “Canadia-Israel Strategic Partnership” that, combined with Stephen Harper’s recently proposed Anti-Terror Act (Bill C-51), could criminalize in the future not only Pro-Palestinian action in various forms such as the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, but the memorandum also labels all criticism and questioning of the state of Israel as “Anti-Semitic”.

“Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Foreign Affairs,Trade and Development Canada and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel regarding Public Diplomacy Cooperation

Seeking to uphold the commitments made in the Memorandum of Understanding between Canada and Israel regarding a Canada-Israel Strategic Partnership, signed at Jerusalem on 21 January 2014 to strengthen their bilateral relationship

Reaffirming their dedication to the shared values of freedom of expression and assembly, democracy, and the rule of law

Sharing the view that only direct negotiations between the State of Israel and the Palestinians can lead to a peaceful resolution of the conflict and the achievement of a two states solution

Deeply concerned by efforts to single out the State of Israel for criticism and isolate the State of Israel internationally including calls for a boycott of the State of Israel, for the divestment of investments, and for sanctions to be imposed on Israel

Recognizing that the selective targeting of Israel reflects the new face of anti-Semitism,
Have come to the following understanding:

The Participants will work together to oppose efforts to single out or isolate the State of Israel through:

1. Developing a coordinated, public diplomacy initiative both bilaterally and in international and multilateral fora to oppose boycotts of Israel, its institutions, and its people within three to six months;

2. Publically expressing their opposition to those who would call into question the State of Israel‘s very right to exist or to defend itself, by itself;

3. Engaging in annual consultations to identify opportunities to advocate in favour of the State of Israel’s full participation in the global economy.”

Entire News Release: http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/news-communiques/2015/01/18b-3.aspx?lang=eng

While all forms of racism and Anti-Semitism should be resisted, in order to correctly do so we must understand what these things look like and what they do not look like. While it isn’t exactly my place as a white person in the west to dictate these terms, I’m sure we can agree that it is NOT Anti-Semitic to defend the existance and humanity of a brutally colonized people, simply because Israel happens to be a Jewish state with a government that cries “terrorism” every time it gets the chance…usually when Palestinians defend themselves against military raids and air strikes that are far more powerful and destructive than any form of self-defense they could possibly use. Palestinians also tend to fight back against their homes being bulldozed by Israelis. How dare they!

The Palestinian people not only have a right to exist, they have a right and a duty to defend their existence and fight back against their colonizers, which just so happens to be the Israeli government. People living in Canada, regardless of citizenship status also have a right and a duty to defend Palestinian existence, and be critical of the powerful forces that seek to control not only the Palestine-Israel “conflict” but all of the complex situations in the Middle East. John Baird, by signing this memorandum with the Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, an agreement “Recognizing that the selective targeting of Israel reflects the new face of Anti-Semitism”, is trying to control the entire discourse around Palestinian human rights, hatred of Jewish people, and critical examinations of power dynamics that exist in the world.


Additionally, with Bill C-51, many of us with controversial or unpopular opinions could face criminal charges simply for expressing ourselves. This bill will give more investigative and detainment powers to law enforcement including the RCMP, CSIS, and police forces all over the country. Without regurgitating every aspect of the bill, it essentially means that if the Harper government or any authorities think there is even a chance you may be involved in “terrorist” activity, you could face legal repercussions. It is criminalizing any speech, thought, and action that they find threatening. And by labelling all criticism, or “selective targeting” of Israel as “Anti-Semitic”, no one will dare to have these discussions openly, out of fear of being labelled something they are not, or even criminally charged. To speak freely in Canada could mean going to jail regardless of your intentions.

Is it merely coincidental that John Baird would sign an agreement to fight criticism of Israel, just as the Harper government seeks to pass a bill criminalizing dissenting ideas? It could be…but how long until Palestinian human rights advocates, or even Palestinians living in Canada who are connected to their heritage, are criminalized and put under the banner of Jihadists working for ISIS, or ISIS supporters, or some other “terrorist” label? How long until openly believing that Palestinians are worthy of dignity, liberation and autonomy becomes a crime in itself? All the government has to say is that these people are “promoting terrorism”, but of course the only ones who get to define “terrorism” are white supremacist, Islamophobic politicians who create laws based off of their own misinformed paranoia.

Many Jewish folks feel as though they, of all people, have a duty to support the struggle of the Palestinians, because they too have a history of ongoing systemic violence against their people such as forced displacement, apartheid and genocide. At one point in time, Muslims and Jews of all ethnic backgrounds lived together peacefully in what was considered a shared holy land. Zionism is what disturbed the peace, and is the reason violence continues today. Just like the Israeli government, Zionism has brainwashed Canadian politicians to the point where they think that silencing dissenting opinions is “free speech”, political outspokenness and participation is “terrorism”, and enabling genocidal war criminals like Benjamin Netanyahu is standing for “peace” and “rule of law”.

I cannot be the only one who sees this as a problem. And I cannot be the only one thinking we need to fight this. What it comes down to is a war over information—if no one is allowed to talk about the world’s problems then the people will remain ignorant. But if you expose these problems and keep bringing them to the attention of those around you, the people will eventually have no choice but to unite and fight back. It is frightening and difficult and it will not be easy, but considering how long the Palestinians and Indigenous Peoples all over the world have been fighting, do any of us have an excuse?

CALLOUT to #ShutDownCanada Friday February 13th

Photo: Mike Roy

Photo: Mike Roy

Canadian grassroots collectives are organizing nationwide for a day of action Friday, February 13th 2015 to ShutDownCanada. Through the use of a diversity of tactics the goal of the action is to significantly impact the Canadian economy for one whole day.

Call out:

Photo: Mike Roy

Photo: Mike Roy



“CALL OUT for communities across Canada to blockade their local railway, port or highway on February 13th. Don’t buy, don’t fly, no work and keep the kids home from school. A diversity of tactics is highly recommended! Get everyone involved” (#ShutDownCanada).

The ShutDownCanada callout was made by a group called In Solidarity with all Land Defenders who describe themselves as “a collective of indigenous and settler grassroots organizers/activists based out of so called Vancouver(xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) land)”



ShutDownCanada states that the Canadian government is responsible for allowing multiple injustices including, but not limited to:

• The refusal to have adequate and meaningful investigation for missing and murdered indigenous women exemplifies Canada’s systemic racism and permits it to continue.
• The ever increasing expansion of tar sands extraction and how this “development” is destroying a people (Dene), their way of life and the entire ecosystem needed for their survival. Not to mention the multitude of rare cancers and diseases which are byproducts of tar sands destruction.• Pipeline construction which equals loss of jobs being exported topped with importing workers from other countries to take Canadian jobs without the consent of First Nations. It’s true that building a massive oil pipeline will lead to short-term construction activity, but it won’t generate long-term, lasting jobs. Once built, few permanent jobs are required to operate and maintain a pipeline. TransCanada’s own estimates suggest that only 181 direct long-term jobs would be created across Ontario. That’s dismally low when you consider that this is a $12 billion proposal.
• Issuing grants and licenses for open pit mining even after the Tshilqot’in Supreme Court decision, and the Mt Polley tailings pond breach without any real concerted effort in clean up.
Fractured gas drilling and the serious intentional misleading of the truth of how this impacts our water supply.
Site C dam construction and why it is being constructed, not to mention who it is displacing and how they never had any consent from First Nations to move forward.
The destruction of wild salmon habitat, open net feedlots and fish farming with other countries in our waters destroying the seabed ecosystem and wild salmon stalks.
• Unconstitutional agreements such as FIPA, not to mention now even more so privacy laws are being changed without your consent which goes in direct violation of your actual charter of rights and freedoms.

The call out continues by saying:

While the issues are many and varied throughout different regions it’s all interconnected and it is this corrupt government that is responsible. The only way for the people to get the attention of this government is to target their pocket books. That is the reason to #ShutDownCanada.

The current status quo in so called Canada serves only the elite few while the majority of Canadians are financial slaves to the system. Politicians do not represent the people, nor have they ever. Indigenous communities know this all too well and have been actively resisting subjugation since contact with the first colonizers who illegally imposed their jurisdiction through covert biological warfare and the ongoing genocide implemented with the residential school system. The residential schools took the children from the land to disconnect people from their culture in order to take the land from the children.

The genocide is ongoing, we still see the constant removal of indigenous children from their ancestral lineages and the untimely deaths of so many indigenous men, women and children. Indigenous peoples are over-represented in the (in)justice system and homeless populations are disproportionately indigenous. The systemic racism in the RCMP and Police forces negates any effective justice from taking place. This is the reason why so many indigenous women have gone missing or been murdered without any real action to prevent further violence.

Everything is interconnected. This government blatantly oppresses indigenous peoples in a calculated effort to create dysfunction within communities to maintain control of the land and exploitation of natural resources. The rape and destruction of our mother earth is another facet of the ongoing genocide which holds no prejudice affecting all children of the earth. We are all directly affected by ecocide.

Make no mistake that systemic racism and structural violence are connected to the needs of this illegal colonial state to maintain control of the land for exploitation. That is why we must call attention to these issues at the same time – the tars sands, the pipelines, fracking, mining, mega-dam projects and justice for #MMIW — it’s all connected.

Port Metro Vancouver Port Shutdown!





Significant targets are being identified such as Port Metro Vancouver which is the busiest port in Canada and the fourth largest tonnage port in North America.





Revolution News & The Indignants interview:

Revolution News/The Indignants spoke with Dan Wallace a member of In Solidarity with all Land Defenders the group which made the call out.

Revolution News/The Indignants: “why is diversity of tactics important?”

Dan Wallace: “There are a number or reasons to talk about and rationals for that will enable people to think very indigently as to taking a stand. Diversity of tactics means that, anyone can plan big group or small group and still be affective. People have done things like this before but it has always been for the most part a isolated event or not picked up by mainstream media because of what it “MAY” incite, like let’s say, another grassroots movement…”

Revolution News/The Indignants: “why is direct action important?”

Dan Wallace: “It’s very personally empowering to take a stand as a start and that itself is where people are open to a least talk about real solutions and get involved in any kind of capacity, more so previous to their involvement which was basically nothing but watching mainstream media..”

The call requests people to “Please keep in mind that it is likely many affinity groups will organize and act without any promotion or Facebook event.
Organize and share your event link here… or organize and JUST DO IT!”

Below are links for local events created so far.

Main group English: https://www.facebook.com/events/452509068236441/

Main group French: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381896582111540

Calgary: https://www.facebook.com/events/548709308599553/

Espanola: https://www.facebook.com/events/838893082823510/

Edmonton: https://www.facebook.com/events/547648822004640/

Fredericton https://www.facebook.com/events/588076097991497/

Halifax: https://www.facebook.com/events/354140614777162/

Kamloops: https://www.facebook.com/events/755986344490782/

Lethbridge: https://www.facebook.com/events/771733126228952/

London: https://www.facebook.com/events/394466750722241/

Moncton: https://www.facebook.com/events/1543879242532790/

Montreal: https://www.facebook.com/events/1536597193286480/

Niagara: https://www.facebook.com/events/419598481537624/

Oshawa: https://www.facebook.com/events/557338124403380/

Ottawa: https://www.facebook.com/events/417780078391409/

Regina: https://www.facebook.com/events/318180288377480/

Toronto: https://www.facebook.com/events/817191038344641

Vancouver: https://www.facebook.com/events/830805010310866/

Winnipeg: https://www.facebook.com/events/932226390123439/

“The system has failed us all miserably. There is no democracy and we the people have an obligation to demand justice for all.” ~#ShutDownCanada


By Mike Roy – Revolution News & The Indignants


Journalist Barrett Brown to Investigate the Prison Industrial Complex

[Photo: Nikki Loehr]

Investigative journalist Barrett Brown has been given a new journalistic task—for the next 35-63 months, he will be immersed in the United States prison system and plans to investigate the Prison Industrial Complex.

Brown, 33 has spent the last 2 years in the prison system already after his work investigating what he calls the “cyber industrial complex”, covering hacktivist movements and providing critical commentary on the politics of the internet, information technology, and how the media needs to wake the fuck up and stop pandering to state and business interests. Brown is known for being an outspoken supporter of transparency groups like Wikileaks, as well as whistleblowers and free information advocates Chelsea Manning, Glenn Greenwald, and the late Aaron Swartz. For a time, Brown was also labelled as the “unofficial spokesperson” for the decentralized hacktivist collective Anonymous, a label that he rejects, but a label that seems to be at least partially responsible for his big promotion.

In a statement released on Thursday, Jan.22nd after being given the task by Sam A. Lindsay, Brown expressed his eagerness to investigate and expose any wrongdoing in the American prison system—whether it be prison staff, Bureau of Prisons Officials, as well as general commentary on prison culture and how all of these things connect in what Brown calls the “world’s greatest prison system”:

“Good news! — The U.S. government decided today that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex, they’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex. For the next 35 months, I’ll be provided with free food, clothes, and housing as I seek to expose wrondgoing by Bureau of Prisons officials and staff and otherwise report on news and culture in the world’s greatest prison system. I want to thank the Department of Justice for having put so much time and energy into advocating on my behalf; rather than holding a grudge against me for the two years of work I put into in bringing attention to a DOJ-linked campaign to harass and discredit journalists like Glenn Greenwald, the agency instead labored tirelessly to ensure that I received this very prestigious assignment. — Wish me luck!”

Much congratulations go out to Barrett as we look forward to more of his intelligent, hilarious and informative writing in the future that will surely continue to impress the Department of Justice, who are still holding him against his will after more than 2 years because he’s just that awesome of a journalist and they can’t get enough of him.


Just kidding. Barrett is actually in prison for his journalism and got sentenced today to a maximum of 63 months. it’s all super fucked up. If you’re not already familiar with his case, check out these links:






Canadian Protesters Confront Bill Cosby over 29 Rape Allegations

Photo: Mike Roy

Photo: Mike Roy

Thursday January 8th between 100-150 protestors gathered outside Budweiser Gardens in London Ontario Canada to educate the public about why it’s important to support the 29 victims who are alleging Bill Cosby’s crimes. The gathering was organized by Unifor local 27 and Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Center.


Cosby, who starred as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992, earning a reputation as “America’s Dad,” has never been charged in connection with any of the allegations, and through his representatives he has denied them.

Cosby’s career has unraveled after his 29 accusers came forward, NBC halted work on a Cosby sitcom that was under development and Netflix indefinitely postponed a special that was set to premiere last month.

During the show in London, Ontario, Canada a heckler yelled out “Your a rapist, your a rapist and I’m going to get kicked out.”

Just minutes prior to this a woman who got up from one of the front rows and walked past the stage was asked by Cosby where she was going. When she answered that she was going to the lobby to grab a drink, Cosby responded with “You have to be careful about drinking around me,” a remark that was met with muted laughter. Many of the 29 women who have come forward with allegations against Cosby have claimed he offered them drinks mixed with sedatives.

The list of alleged victoms of sexual abuse has been growing. Actress Beverly Johnson told her story to Vanity Fair saying she visited the home of Cosby to do a script reading, but fund herself in a terrible situation after drinking a cappuccino prepared by Cosby. “I knew by the second sip of the drink he had given me that I’d been drugged – and drugged good.”

Jan 8th 2015 Bill Cosby protest 4

Friday January 9th Cosby will be performing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hamilton protester Anne Bokma says she wants Bill Cosby to see his protesters. She wants him to hear them, too. “We want Cosby to see and hear us,” Bokma said ahead of Friday’s show at the Hamilton Place Theatre. Bokma has said people who had bought tickets but no longer wanted to attend the show, have offered up their tickets to her protest, to give to other women who are willing to go inside and disrupt the show.

Jan 8th 2015 Bill Cosby protest 11

With a TV project halted and at least 10 standup comedy tour performances cancelled or indefinitely postponed. Cosby has so far refused to speak out about the allegations.

Photos: The Indignants

More links:

London Free Press

CBC Canada

Story/Photos: Michael Roy – Revolution News & The Indignants

Calling Out The Police Is Not Just Necessary–It’s Our Right

Police violence is everywhere today, and it is costing people their lives. Anyone who pays even a small amount of attention to the media has heard about the shooting deaths of unarmed human beings all over the place at the hands of the police, including Mike Brown and Eric Garner who were both black men killed by white police officers. The killer cops were not indicted and in Eric Garner’s case, the entire incident was caught on video where he is shown being taken down and suffocated to death by a police officer who ignored Garner’s repeated pleas for help while he went into cardiac arrest; his last words that he struggled to express, “I can’t breathe”. The only person indicted was the young man who filmed everything.

With the police getting away with abuse and murder every single day, both activists and non-activists are waking up to the fact that police do not “serve and protect”, but more often than not act as legal babysitters just waiting for the opportunity to harass, intimidate and exercise their power in whatever way possible. While many police officers enter their careers eager to help their communities, they are quickly corrupted by the institution of policing; the institution that was created specifically for defending the interests of the rich and powerful, and upholding the colonial capitalist state that perpetuates white supremacist violence, sexism and rape culture, queer hatred, transphobia and the severe, increased marginalization of homeless and poor people and those who struggle with addictions and mental illnesses.

People who are not part of these oppressed and marginalized communities (and even some who are) often claim that “not all cops are bad”, and that we should simply not break laws and not get in their way. Those who have never experienced or witnessed police violence for themselves think it is as simple as behaving oneself, and that if you rob a store or hang out in the wrong place at the wrong time you probably deserved what you got from the police. This is wrong for obvious reasons, but the truth is a person doesn’t need to be breaking laws or acting out in any way to experience violence by the police first hand. Last week my roommate and I filmed the violent arrest of a homeless man in downtown London Ontario, and now the local police are threatening to raid our apartment if we do not hand over the footage so that this man’s charges will hold up in court. We did nothing illegal by filming and we are doing nothing illegal by holding onto our privacy. We do not consent to any searches of our home or our electronic equipment, and it is certainly no injustice if the man whose arrest we filmed has his charges dropped due to lack of evidence. The fact that he was targeted by the police at all, including getting punched, twisted around and stepped on while not being allowed to stand up and having to lay on the cold, icy pavement is severely violent in itself. And of course, the police insist, as always, that they were just doing their jobs.

The amount of social privilege and power that the police have is vastly larger than that of most other people. It is both heartbreaking and infuriating that police justify their violent actions towards marginalized folk, such as the man arrested in London, simply because he may have acted out of line in some way. How does arresting and charging this man with a crime help him or the community? It doesn’t. It only marginalizes him further. It only makes his life more difficult and will most likely exacerbate the circumstances that are probably causing him to act up to begin with. This kind of targeting is nothing more than kicking somebody when they are already down. And police officers appear to get some kind of sick pleasure out of it.

In Canada and the U.S. it is perfectly legal to film the police in public as well as your interactions with them if they knock on your door or come into your home with a warrant. There are no laws that say this is illegal and the police cannot force you to show them your phone or anything in it, unlock it, or delete anything unless you are being charged with a crime and your electronics are confiscated with a legal warrant. Even if they are granted the right to take your electronics and search them, you cannot be charged for having footage of your interactions with them or their activities in public. The police will however, most likely try to intimidate you into getting rid of such footage especially if it shows them saying or doing things that make them look bad…not only because it could potentionally (but very unlikely) effect their job status but it undermines their authority to bully whoever they want whenever they want. Police have this idea that they are infallable, which is not surprising considering all wrongdoing on their part is evaluated by their allies in the corrupt legal system, and so they are unlikely to face any consequences for their actions. Just look at Darren Wilson, who shot an unarmed teenager and is now rich enough to retire, and Daniel Pantaleo who was filmed murdering a man for asking to be left alone. There are countless other cases of police officers abusing their power and abusing innocent people in the process. All it takes is a quick Google Search to learn more.

Exposing the police and their bad behaviour is an effective way to challenge the police state. And we cannot address issues of systemic oppression and marginalization without addressing the police state and how it reinforces these systems of power. Filming the police is not only necessary, but it is a legal right that we have, so do not let any of them tell you anything different…and remember that it is also legal for the police to lie to you, and that is exactly what they are doing more often than not. They will harass, lie, psychologically manipulate and basically do anything that they can to get what they want. If we bring these things to light, we take away their ability to scare us into submission.

“We’ll toss your place upside down” ~Officer Micheal Pottruff #109322

On December 4th, 2014, Mike Roy and Bailey Lamon of The Indignants, witnessed the police violently arresting someone downtown. Like any good journalist, they took their phones out and started filming. For this heinous act, agents of the London Police Service, decided that they needed to threaten violence on peaceful activists.

This is not the first incident of the police threatening to “toss your place upside down”. Last month, the same officers visited Mike and Bailey, as well as Kevin Jones, and threatened them with the same thing, as they had filmed during the Million Mask March on November 5th. Because some non permanent marker was used on London City Hall. No search warrants were ever produced, and it appears that the London Police Service is only trying to intimidate peaceful activists filming.  It seems to be a common theme for the London Police.  Threatening and intimidating activists, in a campaign of harassment, for the purpose of shutting down journalism.

The police in London, are going to get a rude awakening. If they continue to act like thugs, then they should be prepared for the consequences. This is but one story. There are many many many others, and all one needs to do, is walk downtown and start talking to people. You will start to notice a pattern, especially with those members of the Community Oriented Response or COR unit.

Anyway, here’s some examples of officer micheal pottruff badge number 109322, committing violence against people.  We take threats seriously at The Indignants.  Expect consequences.  We’re just a little sick and tired of the constant police harassment of peaceful activist’s in this city.